Marlboro Fire Extinguisher, Inc.
Offers a complete line of products
to meet all your Fire Safety needs.











We provide complete Fire Extinguisher services…

• Annual and Monthly Inspections, Certification, and Maintenance
• Emergency Lights installation, Service and maintenance
• Onsite Fire Extinguisher training and Demos
• Fire Hoses
• Recharging and Hydrostatic Testing
• Annual Inspection and Certification of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
• CO2 gas, Beer gas refilling and testing
• DOT Certified Hydrostatic Testing
• Service available in all Massachusetts

Marlboro Fire Extinguisher, Inc. Experience brings you:

• 24 Hour Service
• Free Estimates
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Trained, Licensed and Professional service personnel
• Quality control measures: Matching colored tags and seals changed annually
• Members of N.A.F.E.D. and N.F.P.A professional organizations
• Certificates of Insurance available upon request

Codes and Standards

N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association) requires that Fire Extinguishers must be inspected annually by a licensed company.

• ABC Fire Extinguisher are taken out for maintenance and refill every 6-years.
• CO2 and Water Fire Extinguishers are tested and refilled every 5-years.
• The tamper seals on an extinguisher must be changed annually.
• A Fire Extinguisher is required every 75 feet in a low hazard area and every 30 to 50 feet in a high hazard area.
• Dry Chemical Extinguishers manufactured prior Oct. 1984 shall be removed from service at the next 6-year maintenance interval or the next Hydrotest interval, whichever comes first.
• Seals changed annually with matching colored Tags for Quality Control